About American Waste & Textile, LLC.

American Waste and Textile is a third generation company that thrives on quality assurance, competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

We only sell cleaned and sterilized wiping rags for every type of application for every type of industry.

We also specialize in disposable paper products, industrial work gloves, oil absorbent products, and numerous packaging supplies that meet your needs.

Consistency ‐ what you buy the first time from us, you will get again and again.

Service ‐ we have our own fleet of trucks with courteous drivers that will deliver your merchandise next day service.

Quality ‐ everything shipped out of American Waste & Textile Co. goes through a quality check list and must meet our customers high standards.

To Speak to a trained professional salesman please feel free to call us Toll Free: 877-RAGSZ-4-U (877.724.7948) or Email Us at: americanwaste@mindspring.com