Wiping Rags - American Waste & Textile

We only sell clean and sterilized wiping rags for every type of application for every type of industry.

  • Recycled, Cleaned And Sterilized Wiping Rags & Wiping Cloths
  • Colored Cotton Polo Shirts Wiping Rags
  • Colored Cotton Sweatshirts Wiping Rags
  • Terrycloth Wipers ‐ White & Colored Wiping Rags
  • Unprinted White Cotton Tee Shirts Wiping Rags
  • Printed White Tee Shirts (Simo) Wiping Rags
  • White Cotton Lint-Free Sheeting Wiping Rags
  • White & Colored Cotton Thermal Wipers
  • Colored Cotton Flannel Shirts (Light Colors) Wiping Rags
  • Corduroy Pant Legs Wiping Rags
  • Denim Pant Legs Wiping Rags
  • New Millends ‐ New White Balbriggan T-Shirts, Colored Balbriggan T-Shirts (100% Cotton)
  • New Towels Wiping Rags ‐ All Types, White & Colored (All Sizes Available)
  • Cheesecloth Wiping Rags ‐ Bleached, Unbleached, Organdy, All Types Of Straners Available (Flat Folded Wiping Rags ‐ Double N Rolled Wiping Rags ‐ Rolled Goods Wiping Rags)

Wiping Rags are packed in Bales or Boxes

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